MSH is a private vocational school offering you the finest in farrier education. Horseshoeing is evolving into a professional occupation and our farrier program is designed to provide an alternative to the mechanical trade concept of shoeing horses. Our purpose is to prepare you with technical and business skills you will need to serve our growing horse industry. It has been clearly demonstrated that the early development and success of the beginning farrier is significantly influenced by the quality of his or her initial educational experience. Most importantly to you, the professional orientation of MSH assures you of practical knowledge, skills, and attitudes you can effectively use to build your reputation as a respected farrier. Along with your interest and motivation, we can achieve that worthwhile objective; insist on the best for yourself.

The course of study has been developed with you in mind. Education is our business, and we can help you become what you are capable of being without limiting your aspirations. You will have an opportunity to study and learn with plenty of hands on experience in an educational setting that is designed to provide you with knowledge and skills that will put you in demand. We are genuinely interested in your success as a student of this school, so you get more value and education; don’t settle for less. Limited enrollment assures you of ample one-to-one instruction that is thorough and professional. You will have an unlimited number of good horses to work with, providing you with valuable confidence, knowledge, and experience you will benefit from upon graduation.

The school is housed in a well maintained, modern building. Our shop is fully equipped and designed with ample room for shoeing horses, and working at forges. The classroom and offices are electrically heated and carpeted for your comfort. The school is conveniently located near the City of Anoka, with plenty of off campus housing readily available.

When you think about horses, think about Minnesota. Minnesota is horse country as well as lake country. Rated 10th in the nation, Minnesota has more horses (236,000) than many states with a horse reputation. Minnesota is the home of many national and international horses and horsemen, plus home of Canterbury Park, the most modern horse racing facility in the country. Minnesota: a lake state, an education state, a horse state; we have it all. The cultural and entertainment center of Minneapolis-St. Paul is just twenty minutes away. We are in the center of great horse country and Minnesota’s famous lakelands. Please accept our invitation to visit us and inspect our facilities.

The school is licensed by the Minnesota Higher Education Services Office.

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