Financial Aid

Financial Aid


Title IV Funding

Stafford student loans, Pell grants or other guaranteed loans are not made available to students attending this program.  The length of U.S. farrier science programs does not meet the length requirement to satisfy Title IV funding requirements.



The Minnesota School of Horseshoeing is approved for student funding through the Bureau of Indians Affairs.  You need to check with your local Bureau of Indians Affair office.


Dislocated Workers

Please check with your local workforce office to see if you qualify for any funding through this program.  This office may be located at your unemployment office or a stand alone office.  Please check with your county.  If you are laid off from you work, please check with your employer.


Local Bank

Please check with your local bank to see if they are able to provide funding on a personal basis.


Veteran’s Benefits

The school is approved for Veteran’s Benefits.



Minnesota Horse Council

The Minnesota Horse Council has several funding programs available.

Scholarships:  The MHC/Tony Gasser Memorial Scholarships are offered to both high school seniors and undergrads, and for grad students (considered separately), to be used toward education that would further the applicant’s career in and contributions to the horse industry in Minnesota.  Applications are due by November 1st.  Applicants to be Minnesota residents.


Further info about the scholarship program, including application information is available from:

The Minnesota Horse Council

MN Horse Council, P O Box 223, Plato, MN  55370-0223


Equine Endeavors ,715-520-0879


Horse Associations

Many of the horse/saddle club associations offer scholarships.  Please check with your saddle club to see what they offer.

High Schools

If you are a high school student please check with your councilor to see what is available.


For other financing options please call us for more information at 1-800-257-5750 .



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