You will have an unlimited number of good horses to work with.  All trimming and shoeing is done for practical purposes on live horses.  We do not simulate anything, providing you with real world skills you will benefit from upon graduation. Students work on all live animals.


Hands-On Experience


Our practical emphasis and hands-on approach to your skills development are unique to this school. You’ll learn, and apply, the fundamental techniques at the forge, and at the horses, to give you the versatility and flexibility you need to help you maximize your shoeing options.


American Farriers Certification


This course of study will prepare you to take the first level examination offered by the American Farrier’s Association.  We strongly encourage our students to become certified at all levels through the AFA.  We encourage students to participate in shoeing clinics and competitions, which definitely contributes to your professional development.


As you search for the school that is best for you, perhaps you may bear in mind that the American model of farrier education is the most efficient and effective model in the world.  American farriers are among the most professional and progressive farriers in the world.  And they are graduates of American farrier schools.


The Occupation

There are a number of differing views on just what horseshoeing is all about, and some ascribe some rather fantastical powers to the occupation.  Having said that, however, it may be said there is a bit of myth, mystery and majesty about horses, which makes this an even more intriguing and fulfilling occupation.  Perhaps a brief description of the occupation may be helpful to you.  Like many occupations, horseshoeing is an individualized developmental art which requires time, study, and thoughtful practice to develop proficiency.  Good horseshoeing demands an accurate diagnosis, or statement of measurable treatment; a prognosis; and an assessment of actual outcome.  Myth, magic, and unsubstantiated opinion abound in the horse industry, as well as horseshoeing, and that simply isn’t good enough.  For example, terms like intensive learning, advanced theory, complex forging and basic balance/advance balance are common euphemisms used to impress, rather than inform.  Horseshoeing is an honest, viable lifelong occupation, rather than a complicated, elitist, competitive activity.


At MSH, you will learn the occupation based on a body of knowledge, and technology that exists, is valid, and most importantly, is measurable.  Rather than impressive rhetoric that resists measurement, you will be presented with well grounded information that will yield measurable results, and give you the edge.




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