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The horse industry is expanding at a steady rate, and this growth trend in the horse population is expected to continue.  From a practical standpoint, these horses are used for pleasure riding, showing and sports entertainment; all require the hoof care of a trained farrier.  The demand for competent horseshoers remains strong.

Along with increasing sophistication and demands of the horse industry, professional farriers must be trained to provide an optimum service which allows horses to perform to their fullest potential.  The athlete and performance horses of today must be accurately balanced and shod to assure maximum performance, and maintain soundness of limb.  The lame horse must be properly shod to help promote healing of injury and disease.  Horseshoeing is no longer a matter of shoeing horses, simply to protect hoofs from excessive wear.  It is the responsibility of every horseshoer to see that the horses in his care are shod in a manner that is conducive to the health, comfort, and safety of the horse, as well as the safety of the rider.  At MSH you spend your time on things you need to know to successfully practice the art and science of horseshoeing today.

In view of these facts, a thorough education of the horseshoer in the principles and practice of your profession is really essential to your success.  And, that is what we provide you with.  Prospective students of horseshoeing should be in good physical condition, have a liking for the work, and have an appreciation of the occupation.  You are invited to visit the school (when possible) and interview with the instructor prior to starting class.

The Farrier Science Program is a 10 week, 12 week or  24 week, comprehensive course designed to provide you with skills in the art and science of horseshoeing.  Together, with the optional apprenticeship program, this is one of the most comprehensive courses of its kind offered by a private institution in the United States.  The primary purpose of this in-depth approach is to prepare students who wish to practice horseshoeing professionally.  Because of the great responsibility farriers have to the well being of horses, and the high degree of skill necessary to succeed, it is our sincere desire to develop technical excellence and instill strong professional attitudes in our graduates.  We recognize that not all students may have this professional goal as their personal objective; however, we do require that all students demonstrate progress in the development of their academic and physical skills.  We also offer a 2 week trim course and a 4 week shoeing course for horse owners.

The areas of study include anatomy and conformation of the horse with special emphasis on the lower limb, corrective shoeing, shoeing the lame horse, and forging operations you will use in your own practice.  In addition to this course of study, our interest includes general horsemanship and horse handling, and horse owner interest and activities.  As a result of this course of study you will be able to:

  1. Communicate useful and practical knowledge and information related to farrier science.
  2. Physically perform the skills at the forge and under the horse.
  3. Demonstrate acceptable attitudes and responsibilities toward the profession.
  4. Satisfy the requirements of the American Farriers Association farrier certification examination.

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