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Application For Admission

Full Name (Last, First , M.I.)


Directions: Complete this application and bring, mail, email or fax it to Minnesota School of Horseshoeing.

Date of Application___________________________          Email Address________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Home Phone_________________________      Work Phone_______________________________     Cell Phone_________________________________

Social Security #_____-____-______      Birth Date__________________     Age______     Sex________

Parent or Guardian(if under 18)


Phone #_____________________________________________

Address of Parent or Guardian_________________________________________________________________________________________________

Date of High School Graduation (Month)_______  (Year)_______      Do you hold a GED Certificate?  Yes_____   No_____   If yes, year completed_______________

Circle highest grade completed   10,  11,  12

Post High School training or education (include military schools)

Employing Firm or Company                                          Address                                                        Dates Employed                                      Type of work or job title




What are your career plans for the future?


How do you expect training will help you?


Interested in the Apprenticeship Program? Yes______    No______    Who referred you? (friend, magazine, etc.__________________________________________

Emergency Contact Name________________________________     Emergency Contact Number_________________________________________________

Country of Residence: USA______  Other(please specify)


Admission Date Requested(MM/DD/YY):____________________________________________________________________________________________

Application is hereby made for the undersigned according to the term described below. Please check the appropriate box.

_____  2 Week Horse Owners Course

_____  4 Week Horse Owners Course

 _____  12 Week Farrier Course

_____  24 Week Farrier Course

By signing, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the terms described in the printed information. I will not hold Minnesota School of Horseshoeing or any of its personnel responsible for any personal injury or accident that I may be involved in while attending the school, on or off the premises. I further release Minnesota School of Horseshoeing from any financial obligations entered in to by me while attending the school. Minnesota School of Horseshoeing retains all rights to photographs, video, and sound recordings or presentations occurring while in school. I understand that Minnesota School of Horseshoeing may accept or reject this application.

Applicant Signature:________________________________________________      Date:__________________________________

Please send this form with your $300 application fee to:

Minnesota School of Horseshoeing

6250 Riverdale Drive, Ramsey, MN 55303

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