4 week

Minnesota School of Horseshoeing

Four Week Horse Owners Shoeing Course

160 hours



This course is designed for horse owners interested in maintaining the health of their own horses through balanced hooves and shoeing.

Emphasis is placed on balancing horses’ hooves.  Students will learn basic foot and limb anatomy, functions of the hoof, bones and joints of the limbs, tendons of the limbs and sensitive hoof structures, and what constitutes a healthy or unhealthy foot.

Our goal is to introduce you to horse anatomy of the lower limb so you may effectively communicate with your farrier or veterinarian and to trim and balance your horses’ hooves.  During the course you will be instructed how to remove shoes and the basics to shoe your horses with ready made horseshoes.

Students will learn how to shape shoes but will not be working with a forge.  If you are interested in gaining more knowledge with hot shoeing and forging please consider enrolling in our twelve week professional farrier program.

Four Week Shoeing Course –160 hours

Tuition                                     $3600.00

Books, tools                                994.00

Lab Fee                                         100.00

Prices are subject to change

Class Disection


Orientation, tools, lab             12 hours

Anatomy & Physiology          40 hours

Horsemanship                          10 hours

Hoof Reduction                      96 hours

Written Exam                             2 hours

Total                                         160 hours


Under a horse


2018 Schedule

June 18 – July 13

July 16 – August 10

2019 Schedule

June 17 – July 12

July 25 – August 9


Books, Tools

Textbook, Butler, Essential Principles of Horseshoeing   $100.00

Hoof Nipper, 15” Foot Pro                                                         175.00

Hoof Gauge, W&S                                                                        54.00

Hoof Knife, FP                                                                              17.00

6” File                                                                                                5.70

1 Rasp, Mercury                                                                             22.00

1 Rasp Handle                                                                                   3.50

6” Dividers                                                                                        9.20

Shoeing Apron                                                                              159.60

Shoe Puller, Mustad                                                                     66.00

Crease Nail Puller                                                                          75.00

Driving Hammer, NC Tool                                                         62.00

Rounding Hammer, Nordic Forge                                         35.00

Saddlehorse Clincher                                                                   75.00

Stall Jack, Yoder                                                                             125.00

Total                                                                                                   $994.00

Subject to MN State Sales Tax


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