24 Week

Minnesota School of Horseshoeing

24 Week Advanced Farrier Course 

960 hours


Included in this course is balancing horses, anatomy, physiology, conformation, bio-mechanics, lameness and disease to build on a strong foundation on the art of horseshoeing. Students will learn to correctly trim and shoe horses to maximize the horse’s performance. Leg dissections will be performed to better help students understand the lower limb and anatomy. Students will make a variety of hand turned shoes and tools gaining confidence in forging and welding skills.

Forging skills are an integral part of professional horseshoeing. This course will also prepare you for the American Farriers Association (AFA) Certification.



Orientation                                        4 hours

Anatomy of the limb                      36 hours

Physical structures of the limb     24 hours

Conformation of the horse            24 hours

breed of horses                                  4 hours

Principles of hoof reduction          16 hours

Fundamentals of normal shoeing 24 hours

Corrective shoeing                           24 hours

Shoeing for injury                           24 hours

Manufactured horseshoes              4 hours

Professional attitudes                     8 hours

TOTAL HOURS                   192 hours


Forge, lecture/lab                                                                                      192 hours

Field work, fore work, hand turned shoes                                             144 hours

Field work, normal shoeing, corrective shoeing, shoeing for injury 432 hours

Total Lab Hours                                                                                           768 hours

TOTAL COURSE HOURS                                                                 960 hours



January 2 – March 23

March 26 – June 15

August 27  – November 16


January 2 – March 22

March 25 – June 16

August 26  – November 15

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