12 Week

12 Week Professional Farrier Science Course

480 hours



The twelve week course is designed for people who are interest in horseshoeing as a career.  Our purpose is to prepare you with the technical and business skills you will need to serve the horse industry.  This course is a prerequisite for our 24 week program which is designed to build on and further develop skills for American Farrier Association standards and certification.

Most importantly to you, the professional orientation of MSH assures you of practical knowledge, skills and values you can effectively use to build your reputation as a respected farrier.

MSH is a forge-based program with the major emphasis on balancing horses’ hooves.  You will be presented with a strong background in anatomy and physiology.  Students will learn foot and limb anatomy, functions of the hoof, bones and joints, physiology, tendons of the limbs and sensitive hoof structures, biomechanics of the hoof and what constitutes a healthy or unhealthy foot.  Students will learn the most effective horseshoeing treatments for lameness based upon a practical understanding of the functions and physiology of the anatomical structures of hooves.

Students will learn how to make horseshoes out of bar stock, how to turn and shape shoes, punch nail holes and fitting and placement of shoes.  You will learn and make different types of horseshoes that can be applied to modern day shoeing practices.

Reading assignments are integrated with topical lectures to clarify and augment bottom line treatment, information to help you choose the best shoeing options.



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12 Week Professional Farrier Course – 480 hours


Tuition                                                                                  $6,600.00

Books, Tools

Lab Fee                                                                                      300.00


tn_12weekpic6                                                                tn_12weekpic9                                                                              tn_12weekShoepic


Introduction to Course                                                  2 hours lecture

Anatomy of the Lower Limb                                      18 hours lecture

Function of the Physical Structures of the Limb    12 hours lecture

Conformation of the horse                                          12 hours lecture

Breeds of Horses                                                              2 hours lecture

Principles of Hoof Reduction                                        8 hours lecture

Fundamentals of Normal Shoeing                              12 hours lecture

Corrective Shoeing                                                          12 hours lecture

Shoeing for Injury                                                            12 hours lecture

Manufactured Horseshoes                                              2 hours lecture

Professional Attitudes                                                      4 hours lecture

Total                                                                              96 hours lecture


Forge Work                                                                96 hours Lab

Field Work, Normal Shoeing, Corrective Shoeing,

Shoeing for Injury                                                 288 hours lab/lecture

Total  Forge Work                                          384 hours lab/lecture

Overall Total Hours                                     480 hours/lab/lecture            




January 2 – March 23

March 26 – June 15

August 27 – November 16



January 2 – March 22

March 25 – June 16

August 28  – November 15

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