Minnesota School of Horseshoeing

10 week Entry Level Farrier Course 

400 hours


This course is designed for people who are interested in horseshoeing as a career.

Our purpose is to prepare you with the technical and business skills you will need to serve the horse industry.


This course is considered an entry level farrier science course which will provide you with the necessary skills to begin your horseshoeing career.  Our twelve and twenty four week courses will go more in depth in the world of farriery.    Most importantly to you, the professional orientation of MSH assures you of practical knowledge and skills and value you can effectively use to build your reputation as a respected farrier.

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MSH is a forge-based program with the major emphasis on balancing horses’ hooves.  You will be presented with a strong background in anatomy and physiology.  Students will learn foot and limb anatomy, functions of the hoof, bones and joints, physiology, tendons of the limbs and sensitive hoof structures, bio-mechanics of the hoof and what constitutes a healthy or unhealthy foot.  Students will learn the most effective horseshoeing treatments for lameness based upon a practical understanding of the functions of physiology of the anatomical structures of hooves.  Students will learn how to make horseshoes out of bar stock.  You will learn and make different types of horseshoes that can be applied to modern day shoeing practices.

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Reading assignments are integrated with topical lectures to clarity and augment bottom line treatment, information to help you choose the best shoeing options.


Course of Study


Orientation                                                 2 hours lecture

Anatomy of the Limb                                 18 hour lecture

Functions of the Limbs                               12 hours lecture

Conformation of the Horse                        12 hours lecture

Breeds of Horses                                         2 hours lecture

Principles of Hoof Reduction                     8 hours lecture

Fundamentals of Normal Shoeing          12 hours lecture

Corrective Shoeing                                     12 hours lecture

Shoeing for Injury, Disease                      8 hours lecture

Manufactured Horseshoes                       2 hours lecture

Professional Attitudes                                4 hours lecture

Forge Work, Hand Turned Shoes               75 hours lab

Corrective Shoeing                                      190 hours lab

Shoeing for Injury, Disease                        60 hours lab




Tools are available at the school store at competitive prices.


Text:  Stashak,                  “Horse Owners Guide to Lameness”

Text:  Butler,                      “Principles of Horseshoeing”

Text:  Lungwitz:                 “A Textbook on Horseshoeing:


3 rasp handles                                                                  Shoeing Apron

Hoof Nipper                                                                      Fire Tong

Shoe Puller                                                                       Clipping Hammer

1 Hoof knife                                                                      Turning Hammer, 2.5 lb.

2 Hoof Rasps                                                                    Fore Punch

Butcher Block Brush                                                      Pritchel

Driving Hammer                                                              Bob Punch

Dividers                                                                             Center Punch

6” file                                                                                  Hoof Gauge

W-Brand Ruler                                                                 Hot Rasp


School Equipment

Shop Forges                                                                    Anvils

Benches with vice                                                          Gas and Arc Welding Equipment

Field Forges                                                                   Hardy


Schedule Dates


January 4 – March 11

March 28 – June 3

June 20 – August 26

September 5 – November 11


January 2 – March 10

March 27 – June 2

June 19 – August 25

August 28  – November 3